Landscape photography in Taiwan.

Photograhpy is very populair in Taiwan. This beautiful island has a lot to offer for landscape photographers.
Because my ex wife is Taiwanese i've  already been a couple times to Taiwan.
On the internet there is not much English information to find about photography in Taiwan, so there comes the idea to write some articles about landscape photography in Taiwan.
I am going to write some information about the different areas in Taiwan i've been to, and for al that locations i write some more detailed information including maps.
I hope if you plan to travel to Taiwan for landscape photography this information can help a bit to make your plans.

Laomei green reef at the north coast of Taiwan

First a little bit more general information about Taiwan.


Taiwan has a warm tropical climate, during summertime from june to september the temperature is many times higher than 30 degrees but also very high humidity. But there is a big difference between the north and south on the island. The south is normally much warmer then the north of Taiwan.
Wintertime from november to march the temperatures are much more cooler. Temperatures can change also very quikly. It can be 7 degrees, but also 25. For landscape photographers wintertime is for sure the best time to visit Taiwan, many times there is also some foggy conditions
If you go in to the mountains in wintertime, above 2000 meter there is also a chance on snow!!


Taiwan have a lot of hotels en B&B's. If you want a good place to sleep with a clean room and breakfast you pay around 50 euro/night. 
Normally what i do is planning al the locations i want to visit and photograph, and from there i go book the B&B's/hotels. There wil be always a place in 20-30 min drive.
Taiwan is really famous for it's food. Everywhere you can eat some delicious Taiwanese food. A tip is to go to a nightmarket for your dinner, a real experience to do. The choice of food there is incredible.


Arrive Taiwan most likely is in Taipei, from there you can start your trip.
Other option is to start your trip in the south part of Taiwan. From Taipei it is easy to take the high speed train to Tainan or Kaohsiung and from there you go back to the north.
The best way to travel around in Taiwan is to rent a car.
The last time we rent a car for 22 days. The car can fit 4 people and luggage.  Including insurance we paid around 900 euro.
Driving in Taiwan is very easy, only if you go inside the big city's it's a little bit more difficult if you are not used to drive between a lot of scooters.
Taking the puplic transport is also possible. Almost every place in Taiwan you can come by taking the train and/or bus, at the location you just rent a scooter. This option is of course much cheaper.


In Taiwan they speak Mandarin Chinese.
In the city's people speak good to little bit English, but outside the city's most people don't speak any English.
For restaurants ans supermarkets it's not a big problem, you just point what you want to have. Luckily nowedays we have google translate, so most of times you can use this for communication.

Tip is to buy a prepaid phonecard when you arrive taiwan, for 20-30 euro you buy a 1 month card with a good 4G internet connection.


Simply because the many different kind of landscapes you can take there.
Taiwan have big mountains, beautiful old forests, a really stunning coastline, lots of waterfalls and even a small desert.

Taiwan is also a great country if you like to to street-photography, wildlife/macro and architecture.

Every article i am going to write is about a different area.


English is not my native language, so if there are some grammatical mistakes in the articles my excuse for that.