Tainan area

Tainan is a city in the south-west of Taiwan.
Around the city there are some nice places to visit for landscape photography.
Most interesting places are: Oyster racks, Tainan Desert and Erliao.
Another thing to visit are the salt pans, but i did nog go there yet.
The best place to take a hotel is a little bit on the outside of the city. From there it is more easy to drive to the places you want to visit, but also easy if you like to see Tainan centrum.
Tip is to visit the nightmarket in Tainan City.

1. The oysterfields on the westcoast of Taiwan.
One hour drive from Tainan city is Qigu lagoon. This lagoon is full of big fields with oyster racks.
At sunset the racks are a beautiful foreground for taking a nice image.
When we were there the sunset was not spectaculair, but with a long exposure i think i  still got a nice photo.
Best lens to take here is a normal zoomlens. If you shoot fullframe a 24-70 for example wil do the job.


Oyster racks west coast Tainan.



2. Tainan desert.
Very close to the oysterfields there is Tainan desert.
Actually it is not really a desert, but more like sand dunes. Beacause on this part of the coast there is always strong wind the sand creates beautiful patterns.
Be aware that the strong wind the sand always blowing around, so make sure you already have the good lens on the camera, changing lenses is almost impossible.
I take my shots there with a ultra wide angle, but with a mid zoom lens you also can do there.
Best time to go is also around sunset.


Tainan Desert


3. Erliao
On the east side of Tainan city there is Chaoshan moonworld also called badlands.
This is a very special kind of landscape. This area have small mountains made from mud pushed up from deep underground.
The rain and streams giving a lot of erosion so the shapes are spectaculair.
The only plant what can grow on the steep mountains is bamboo.
There is a special platform to view and photograph the sunrise over this landscape. Many times there is a lot of fog in the valley making it even better.
Lenses i used here is my mid zoom but mostly i take the shots with my 70-200.
After taken the sunrise shot you can drive through the park and find yourself more interesting places to take photo's.
There is also another higher place to take photo's from this landscape. The place is a restaurant called 308. This is also the height of this lookout point. Here you can take photo's during sunset, or also in the morning with the light more from behind you. When we were there it was to foggy, the landscape we even could not see.

View from Erliao platform.

View from Erliao platform during sunset with the light more from the side.


Alishan area

Alishan is a beautiful mountain area in the centre of Taiwan.
The highest peaks are around 2600 meter.
The most interesting things for landscape photography are the stunning mountain views with if  you are lucky cloud inversions. Also have beautiful old forests many times in fog.
Alishan is also in summertime a good place to go, beacause of the higher altitude the temperature are much more nice here. In summertime it's also a good place for astrophotography.
I've been there 2 times now, and we stayed in a little village close to Fenqi Hu. ( see the map )
Already there you have great views over the mountains, just on walking distance from your hotel/B&B.


Nightview just from the terrace of our B&B.

Panorama close to our B&B

Great sunset and cloudinversion from our B&B

The most famous place is Alishan national forest recreation area. Here you can go to in the early morning for a sunrise shoot, but beware of a lot of other tourists. For me it is the reason not to go there. For sunrise there is more choice to go.
The park is a good place to go for forest photography. This i a old forest on a altitude of 2400 mtr with huge cypress tree's more then 2000 year old.
There are a few hiking trails through the forest, and if the clouds roll in to the mountains it's really like a fairytale there.
From our place were we sleep it's a 40 min drive.

Alishan "fairytale" forest


Alishan forest

Another beautiful place to go is Xiding.
Here you have also beautiful view's over the mountains. At sunset you have the sun straight in front of you, but also in the morning you can take very good pictures, special in wintertime the sun position is also good for sunrise.
You can drive your car straight to the place where you can take photo's, so good for the more lazy people LOL.
In Alishan you can use al kind of lenses, but also don't forget to use a little bit your telezoom to capture the beautiful details from the mountains.

Detail shot with the 70-200 from Xiding at sunrise.


A wider view from Xiding at sunrise.